Construction Dispute Resolution

We Can Resolve Your Construction Dispute

Unfortunately, building and construction contract disputes are quite common. Contractual disputes can arise for a number of reasons, and the impact on the parties involved can be devastating – usually involving a lot of stress, money, time and energy.

If you find yourself in a dispute, don’t worry – we offer value-for-money construction dispute resolution. We’ll step in and manage the problem on your behalf, engaging with all parties and exploring all options to minimise cost and ensure you regain control of the situation.

In the unlikely event that a reconciliation agreement can’t be reached, litigation is an option that we can also help with. It is a last resort however, and nine times out of ten we can resolve a contractual issue quickly and extremely cost-effectively without going to court.

Of course, there are lots of ways you can reduce the risk of a contract dispute – primarily by having a watertight construction contract in place. Get in touch with us before you begin your construction project, and our specialist Construction Lawyers can either create a contract for your project, or we can ensure your contract is transparent and correctly specified to control costs, protect profits and avoid disputes.

We are also happy to manage building contracts right up until your project is completed, ensuring all the normal issues of cost and time are properly managed.